Mushishi (蟲師) is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Urushibara. It has been adapted into an anime television series by Artland which aired in Fuji Television between October 2005 and June 2006. In Japan, it has frequently ranked in the weekly top ten list of best-selling manga, and the entire series has sold over 3.8 million copies. Both the manga and the anime have received several awards such as the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tokyo Anime Award, and numerous publications have praised them.

[Oct 21, 2005] “The Sore Feet Song” by Ally Kerr
[Mar 24, 2006] Mushishi OST Mushinone Zen
[Jun 23, 2006] Mushishi OST Mushinone Go
[Jun 11, 2014] Lucy Rose – Shiver
[Jun 25, 2014] Mushishi Soundtrack “Mushinone Zoku”
[Jul 23, 2014] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.1 Bonus CD
[Sep 24, 2014] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.2 Bonus CD
[Dec 17, 2014] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.3 Bonus CD
[Jan 28, 2015] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.4 Bonus CD
[Mar 25, 2015] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.5 Bonus CD
[Jul 22, 2015] Mushishi Zokushou Vol.6 Bonus CD
[Jul 22, 2015] Mushishi Soundtrack “Mushinone Ketsu”

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