Nagi no Asukara

Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea, known in Japan as Nagi no Asukara (凪のあすから, lit. From The Calm Tomorrow), is a 2013 Japanese anime television series produced by P.A.Works. The series centers on five middle school friends: Manaka Mukaido; Hikari Sakishima, Chisaki Hiradaira, Kaname Isaki, who have looked after Manaka since they were children; and Tsumugu Kihara, their new friend from the surface.

A beautiful fairy tale that wanders through the earth and the sea. Hikari Sakishima and Manaka Mukaido are Sea Dwellers and childhood friends. When their school in the sea is closed they are forced to attend one on land, but due to a special encounter, their lives gain a new twist.

Opening Theme
1. “lull ~Soshite Bokura wa~” by Ray
2. “ebb and flow” by Ray
Ending Theme
1. “Aqua Terrarium” by Nagi Yanagi
2. “Mitsuba no Musubime” by Nagi Yanagi
Eps #26: “lull ~Earth color of a calm~” by Ray [Album]
Nagi no Asukara OST [Vol. 1] [Vol. 2]

Insert Song:
The Ofunehiki Song (in OST 1)
Eps #26: “mnemonic” by Nagi Yanagi
(2nd track in Single “Aqua Terrarium”;)

Bonus CD:
1. Radio CD Vol. 1
2. Drama CD Vol. 1
3. Character Song CD 1
4. Radio CD Vol. 2
5. Drama CD Vol. 2
6. Character Song CD 2
7. Radio CD Vol. 3
8. Drama CD Vol. 3
9. Character Song CD 3

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