Nami Tamaki – Believe

TV Anime Gundam Seed 3rd Opening Theme: Believe / 玉置 成実
Composed by Yoshiki Aoi, Kazuhiro Hara, U-ske Asada
Arranged by Shinya Saito, h-wonder, U-ske Asada
Performed by Nami Tamaki, Shinya Saito, Yutaka Ishii, ICHIKO, h-wonder, U-ske Asada
Lyrics by Saeko Nishio, Natsumi Watanabe, Yuka Matsumoto
Catalog Number SRCL-5566
Release Date Apr 23, 2003[sociallocker]
01 Believe 3:56
02 Complete 4:12
03 Can you feel my love 3:59
04 Believe -Instrumental- 3:56
File Size: 45 MB (w/scans)[/sociallocker]

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