The concept itself isn’t anything too extraordinary. People living together, people falling in and out of love, people trying to make it in showbiz and other stuff. You could say it blends many overused ideas, then twists them around and reinvents them, transforming itself into a completely original and brilliant idea. And it contains romance, drama and comedy, but the transition between them is really well done, so it doesn’t feel weird.

What really makes “Nana” (ナナ) shine is the incredible character development. The evolution of each character’s personality and relationships with other characters. The things we watch them go through seem so real, like we’d probably make the same mistakes and choices as they did. No one is perfect – that’s a fact. We often think to ourselves “If I was [him], I wouldn’t have made that choice”, but the truth is we are lying to ourselves. We are insecure, emotional beings, that often ignore rational thought and make reckless decisions. “Nana” is so realistic that it’ll blow your mind away.

Ai Yazawa is probably the most convincing shoujo manga writer ever. With colourful, realistic characters, breathtaking events and just a pinch of music she creates a world in witch every girl can forget about reality and fall into the embrace of romantic fantasies. One of the best things about “Nana” are the characters – we can actually see the reflection of ourselves in some of them and believe, that someone like that can really exist. This is proof that you can make a good anime without the conventional tsundere, moe or annoying childhood friend. The story is also one of Nana’s strong points. Ai Yazawa worked really hard on it, and did her best to create a realistic world so that the reader can almost become part of it and experience it emotionaly. Overall, Nana is a must-see position for shoujo-fans. It tells us a lot about life, it’s hardships and also teaches us an important lesson about the mistakes, that we shouldn’t make.

[Jun 28, 2006] OP#1: “Rose” by Anna inspi’ Nana ~Black Stones~
[Jun 28, 2006] ED#1: “A Little Pain” by Olivia inspi’ Reira ~Trapnest~
[Jul 07, 2006] NANA 707 soundtracks
[Aug 02, 2006] Anna Tsuchiya – strip me?
[Oct 11, 2006] OP2&ED2: Olivia inspi’ Reira ~Trapnest~ – Wish / Starless Night
[Dec 21, 2006] NANA 7to8 soundtracks
[Jan 10, 2007] ED#3: “Kuroi Namida” by Anna inspi’ Nana ~Black Stones~
[Feb 07.2007] OP#3: “Lucy” by Tsuchiya, Anna inspi’ Nana ~Black Stones~
[Mar 21, 2007] NANA BEST

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