Nanatsu no Taizai Vol.8 Bonus CD

The Seven Deadly Sins Vol.8 Bonus CD
七つの大罪 第8巻 特典CD
Nanatsu no Taizai Vol.8 Bonus CD
Catalog Number ANZX-11686
Release Date Aug 26, 2015
Published by Aniplex
Performed by Misaki Kuno, Tatsuhisa Suzuki
File Size: 134 MB (320kbps)

01 罪人(つみびと)―ク!!vol.4 #01 13:02
02 罪人(つみびと)―ク!!vol.4 #02 16:52
03 罪人(つみびと)―ク!!vol.4 #03 19:18
04 罪人(つみびと)―ク!!vol.4 #04 9:42
Disc length 58:54

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