Nanbaka (ナンバカ), also known as Nanbaka – The Numbers, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shō Futamata. An anime television series adaptation by Satelight began airing on 5 October 2016. The title is a play on words, combining the name of the prison, which is the Japanese transcription of the word “number”, and the Japanese word “baka” for “fool” or “idiot”. The story centers around four young men who are assigned to Nanba, the world’s most formidable prison. Jūgo, who attempted to break out of prison and ended up extending his jail time; Uno, who likes gambling and women; Rock, who likes to get into fights; and Nico the ex drug addict who likes anime. The action follows the daily lives of the prison’s inmates and guards.

[Oct 19, 2016] OP: Rin! Rin! Hi! Hi! / HGK hugs TSB
[Oct 19, 2016] ED: Nanbaka Datsugoku Riron♪!
[Nov 16, 2016] Nanbaka Shuujin SONGS
[Dec 07, 2016] Nanbaka Character Song CD 1
Nanbaka Bonus CD 1: Character Song CD 1
Nanbaka Bonus CD 2: Character Song CD 2
Nanbaka Bonus CD 3: Character Song CD 3
[Feb 22, 2017] Nanbaka Bonus CD 4: Original Soundtrack 1
[Mar 29, 2017] Nanbaka Bonus CD 5: Original Soundtrack 2
[Apr 26, 2017] Nanbaka Bonus CD 6: Original Soundtrack 3



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