Needless (ニードレス) is an action comedy science fiction manga and anime series by Kami Imai, an anime adaptation by Madhouse began airing on July 2, 2009. This anime is set in the year 2130 (the beginning date remains unclear), 50 years after World War III. The war has left a crater where Tokyo once stood, a place now filled with contaminated rubble. This spot, known as “The Black Spot”, has no electrical power and is seen as a dark spherical patch from outer space and one of many Black Spots across Japan. The Black Spot eventually becomes populated by outcasts, some of whom, as a result of the contamination, gain various powers called “fragments”. Those in possession of such fragments come to be known as “Needless”.

Needless begins off on a very good note, full of high-octane energy and very manly characters. While it is admittedly similar to Gurren Lagann, it really stands in a class of its own. The story… what story? Fans of this series aren’t really interested in the story, or at least in my point of view. Its a generic setting with generic characters. A badass hero, a moe heroine, a kid, an old guy. The characters don’t exactly set themselves apart either, with very unoriginal backgrounds. Ultimately, NEEDLESS is a series that really focuses on what its good at, and cuts away pretty much else. And what its good at, is providing ENJOYMENT. Yes, the slapstick humour, funny (though not very interesting) characters, the epic battle scenes and heavy metal guitar all combine together to provide an extremely enjoyable series. If you want to have a good time, and aren’t really interested in heavy plots, emotional baggage, and complex character development, then NEEDLESS is for you! (bob1191) .

Opening Theme
#1: “Modern Strange Cowboy” by GRANRODEO
#2: “Scarlet Bomb!” by Aki Misato
Ending Theme
#1: “Aggressive Zone” by Needless★Girls+
#2: “WANTED! for the love” by Needless★Girls+

Needless Character Song Album
Needless Origial Soundtrack
Needless Original Soundtrack Guitar: e-ZUKA – I got you under my skin

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