Nintama Rantarou

Nintama Rantarou (忍たま乱太郎, lit. Rantarou the Ninja Boy) is a Japanese anime series produced by Ajia-do Animation Works and broadcast on NHK since 10 April 1993. It is an adaptation of the manga series Rakudai Ninja Rantarō, written and illustrated by Sōbe Amako. Nintama Rantarō centers on the title character and his friends as they attend a school for budding ninja. Like the manga on which it is based, there are a considerable amount of anachronisms for comedic purposes; for example, the title character is bespectacled and katakana is used several times. The anime also references other Japanese media personalities such as Ken Shimura. The series is currently the longest-running anime on NHK and the second longest-running anime series of all time.

[1993.05.13] Hikaru Genji – Yuuki 100%
[2002.05.15] Ya-ya-yah – Yuuki 100%
[2009.06.24] Drama CD 一の段
[2009.12.23] Drama CD 二の段
[2010.04.07] NYC – Yuuki 100%
[2010.09.23] Drama CD 三の段
[2012.11.19] Nintama Rantarou 20th Anniversary Album Opening & Ending Collection
[2013.01.23] Drama CD 六年生の段
[2013.04.24] Drama CD 五年生の段
[2013.08.28] Drama CD 四年生の段
[2013.10.23] Drama CD 『忍たまがラジオにやって来た!の段』あんど『こんなこともあったんだよ、の段』
[2014.05.14] Sexy Zone – King & Queen & Joker (ED Theme)
[2015.06.17] Nintama Rantarou Soundtrack Kino.Kyo.Ashita – From Nintama With Love –
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