Nodame Cantabile


Nodame Cantabile (のだめカンタービレ) is a manga by Tomoko Ninomiya. The series depicts the relationship between two aspiring classical musicians, Megumi “Nodame” Noda and Shinichi Chiaki, as university students and after graduation. It received the 2004 Kodansha Manga Award for best shōjo manga.

Shinichi Chiaki is a first class musician whose dream is to play among the elites in Europe. Coming from a distinguished family, he is an infamous perfectionist—not only is he highly critical of himself, but of others as well. The only thing stopping Shinichi from leaving for Europe is his fear of flying. As a result, he’s grounded in Japan.
During his fourth year at Japan’s top music university, Shinichi happens to meet Megumi Noda or, as she refers to herself, Nodame. On the surface, she seems to be an unkempt girl with no direction in life. However, when Shinichi hears Nodame play the piano for the first time, he is in awe of the kind of music she creates. Nevertheless, Shinichi is dismayed to discover that Nodame is his neighbor, and worse, she ends up falling head over heels in love with him.

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[Nov 12, 2008] The Gospellers – SKY HIGH
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[Feb 03, 2010] Yu Sakai – Manazashi ☆ Daydream
[Feb 03, 2010] Nodame Cantabile Finale OST & All Seasons Best
[Mar 03, 2010] Real Paradis – Kaze To Oka No Ballad
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