Noragami (ノラガミ, lit. Stray God) is a Japanese manga series by Adachitoka that began serialization in Kodansha’s Monthly Shōnen Magazine in January 2011’s issue. An anime television series adaptation by Bones aired in Japan between January 5 and March 23, 2014. A second season, entitled Noragami: Aragoto, premiered on October 2, 2015, and is scheduled to have 12 episodes.

Noragami is based around an underdog god, Yato. In summary Yato’s ambition is to become one of the bigger more well known gods. Now, this premise may not seem too intriguing, but what if I told you Yato was a God of War – and the majority of tasks you see him embarking on involve slaying corrupted spirits? Noragami is no standard supernatural anime. There’s is actually a surprising amount of thought put into the supernatural workings of the show. The corrupted spirits, Yato’s Regalia, all of these supernatural aspects have back story and well thought out reasoning behind why they have become what they are, and it’s rare that a show bothers with said back story – when many animes I’ve seen simply throw corrupt spirits and what not in there as something to beat up on; without anymore to it than that. I picked it up because of the interesting name but I hadn’t imagined I would enjoy it so much. Pile in the depth of the story and characters, the pleasing art and the goosebump-inducing OST, as well as the many comedy aspects of the show to boost enjoyment, and you have yourself one amazing anime. I highly recommend watching Noragami, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Last Modified: Apr 14, 2016

[Jan 29, 2014] Opening Theme: “Goya no Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers
[Mar 12, 2014] Ending Theme: “Heart Realize” by Tia
[Feb 19, 2014] Noragami OST – Noragami no Oto
[May 09, 2014] Bonus CD: 3 – Noragami Character Song 1
[Jul 09, 2014] Bonus CD: 5 – Noragami Character Song 2

Noragami Aragoto
[Nov 11, 2015] Opening Theme: “Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES
[Nov 25, 2015] Ending Theme: “NIRUBANA” by Tia
[Nov 25, 2015] OST: Noragami no Oto 2 {This album was recalled.}
[Mar 25, 2015] OST: Noragami no Oto 2
[Mar 25, 2016] Drama CD “花の見た夢”

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