Jigoku Sensei Nube (4 CD)

Hell Teacher Nūbē (地獄先生ぬ〜べ〜, Jigoku Sensei Nūbē) is a horror-comedy manga created by the collaborative efforts of writer Shō Makura (真倉翔) and artist Takeshi Okano in Shueisha’s manga anthology book Weekly Shōnen Jump. The series ran for 276 chapters (not including the two pilot chapters where Nūbē was known as Nubo (ぬ〜ぼ〜 Nūbō)) from Issue 38, 1993 through Issue 24, 1999. A 49-episode anime series based on the manga was created by Toei Animation, and aired from 1996–1997 on TV Asahi. The series follows Meisuke Nueno (鵺野鳴介), aka Nūbē (ぬ〜べ〜), the homeroom teacher for Class 5-3 at Dōmori Elementary (童守小学校). More than a teacher, however, he is a skilled exorcist, protecting the town of Dōmori from supernatural threats with strength borrowed from a powerful demon sealed in his left hand—a technique he calls the Demon’s Hand (鬼の手). Nube is a clumsy, easygoing, and very kind teacher, but he has a secret under his glove on the left hand. He has a monster hand, and he also has the ability to sense ghosts and evil spirits. So he protects his dear students from these evil spirits with his monster hand, proving to be very powerful.[sociallocker]
Quality: MP3 (320kbps)
Opening Theme: “Bari Bari Saikyou No. 1” by Feel So Bad [Single]
Ending Theme:
#01: “Mienai Chikara” by B’z [Single]
#02: “Spirit” by Pamelah [Single w/scans]
Jigoku Sensei Nube Original Soundtrack[/sociallocker]

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