Nyannyan FIRE!! ~ Totsugeki Planet Explosion / Virgin Story

Macross FB 7: Ore no Uta o Kike! (マクロスFB7 銀河流魂 オレノウタヲキケ! Macross FB7: Listen to My Song!) is a 2012 Japanese animated film directed by Tetsurō Amino and set in the Macross universe.
Catalog Number VTCL-35141
Release Date Oct 24, 2012

01 娘々FIRE!!~突撃プラネットエクスプロージョン
02 ヴァージンストーリー
03 Nyannyan FIRE!! ~ Totsugeki Planet Explosion (Original Karaoke) 5:50
04 Virgin Story (Original Karaoke)

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