Omamori Himari

Omamori Himari (おまもりひまり, “Protective Charm Himari”), also known as OmaHima (おまひま) for short, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Milan Matra. The story revolves around Yuto Amakawa, an orphan who, on his sixteenth birthday, meets Himari, a cat spirit samurai girl who has sworn an oath to protect Yuto from the various monsters and demons that are out to kill him. A 12-episode anime adaptation by Zexcs aired in Japan between January and March 2010 on TV Saitama, Chiba TV, and other networks.

[February 24, 2010] ED: BEAM my BEAM
[February 24, 2010] AyaRuka – Oshichauzo!
[Mar 17, 2010] Nyantomo Kantomo Gekiban Album
[March 31, 2010] Character Song Album

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