Over Drive

Over Drive (オーバードライヴ) is a manga series by Yasuda Tsuyoshi that has appeared in the Japanese Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 2005 until 2008. An anime adaptation began airing on 3 April 2007 and is produced by studio XEBEC. The story revolves around the first year high school student Mikoto Shinozaki and his goal to become the greatest cyclist in the world and winning the Tour de France. The protagonist of the story is your typical weak willed, unless, low self esteem guy in school. But what is different about his character to other similarly carved sports lead characters is that he has a sense of humor. Unlike other characters, he does not dwell on his uselessness much, which is definitely something i appreciate a lot, since these dwellings can drag on long and slow.

[Apr 18, 2007] ED#1: “Saihate no Parade” by Merry
[May 16, 2007] OP: “WINDER ~Boku wa Koko ni Iru~” by Shonen Kamikaze
[Aug 08, 2007] ED#2: “Koi Suzumi” by DEL
[Aug 31, 2007] OVER Drive Character Song Feel The Sky
[Aug 31, 2007] OVER Drive Character Song Wind’s Song
[Aug 31, 2007] OVER Drive Character Song Little wings fly high
[Oct 26, 2007] OVER Drive Character Song SPARK
[Oct 26, 2007] OVER Drive Character Song CHANGE-UP
[2007] Over Drive Original Soundtrack 1
[2007] Over Drive Original Soundtrack 2

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