Pandora Hearts

There are many interesting plot threads and ideas that are introduced at various points in the story, but they are almost never followed through with or they’re executed in a way that, frankly, makes them boring. For example, when we learn about the four dukedoms of Pandora, I get the sense that there’s a lot of history and political machinations going on in the background but it hardly ever gets explored, instead focusing on the development of our main heroes, Oz and Alice (which doesn’t sound that bad, but more on that later).

Then, we are introduced to the main antagonists, the Baskervilles, who seem really cool and threatening at first, but when we meet them, are like Team Rocket without the silly speeches. In other words, they’re there just to have antagonists in the show and don’t do a whole lot to further the story. Pandora Hearts began as a very promising series with a lot of great ideas that could have continued being great until the end if executed properly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen and the series falls flat on its face by the halfway point. I would say either read the manga or find another fantasy series.

Opening Theme:
“Parallel Hearts” by FictionJunction
Ending Theme:
#1: “Maze” by savage genius feat. Oomi Tomoe
#2: “Watashi wo Mitsukete” by savage genius
Original Soundtrack: Vol.1 / Vol.2
Pandora Hearts Drama CD: Another Story of A Promise Lost

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