PETIT [email protected] Twelve Seasons! Vol.6

PETIT [email protected] Twelve Seasons! Vol.6 Ritsuko Akizuki and Chicchan
PETIT [email protected] Twelve Seasons! Vol.6 秋月律子&ちっちゃん
Catalog Number MFCZ-1033
Release Date Feb 06, 2013

02 朝の連続ぷちドラマ みんなでこまーしゃる -律子とちっちゃんへん- 9:10
03 ら♪ら♪ら♪わんだぁらんど 3:25
04 あ・り・が・と・YESTERDAYS 3:25
05 WEDDING BELL (off vocal)
File Size; 59 MB (320kbps)

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