Phantom The Animation

Phantom of Inferno is a visual novel game created by Nitroplus, and distributed by Hirameki International. It came out for PC in Japan in 2000 and was ported for DVD in 2001 and for PS2 in 2003. The story can take either a dark action/drama path or can turn into a romantic drama depending on the choice of the player. A remake for the Xbox 360 console was released in 2012 and ported on PC in 2013. The OVA series follows Zwei as he makes a trip to America, only to witness an assassination that leads to his memory loss and indoctrination into Inferno. Though not as heavily as in the game, we see Zwei’s training before he goes with Ein to help with an assassination. While a different path is taken, deceit and betrayal rip apart Inferno and place Ein and Zwei on opposite sides, which eventually leads to a climactic battle between them at the end of the anime.

[Mar 24, 2004] OP&ED theme: Gekkou / I myself am Hell
[Aug 25, 2004] Phantom The Animation Original Soundtrack

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