Photo Kano (Photo Kano // Foto Kano // フォトカノ, lit. Photo Girlfriend) is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc. and Enterbrain, and was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 2, 2012. An anime television series produced by Madhouse began airing on April 5, 2013 on TBS. For starters we have our main character Kazuya Maeda, a plain guy who was given a camera by his dad and now for some reason is really into photography, it got even weirder when he joins the photography club which is full of pervs, I thought this guy was going to become one but thankfully he was a nice guy with a more clear mind.

From episode 1 to episode 4 there’s really no plot, there’s barely any story, it is literally just the main character wandering around meeting with all the female heroines and having some sort of talk with them, for 4 episodes I was unclear about what was going on, who was going to be the heroine and what arc was the anime on at the moment, there were no references whatsoever. Then begins episode 5 and then it is clear who the main character is going for, but you have to figure that out yourself, the anime does not point out anything at all. But most of us aren’t stupid so even if it was like that we would still get the idea as long as we keep in mind this is an anime in omnibus format.

Opening Theme: “Koisuru Lens” by Kaori Hayato
Ending Theme: “Smile F” by Uta Kano♪
PhotoKano Original Soundtrack
Photokano Character Song Album
Photokano Bonus CD (スマイルF):
CD 01
CD 02 – スマイルF (うたカノ♪一年生&三年生 Ver.)
CD 03 – Smile F (Haruka Niimi Ver.)
CD 04 – スマイルF (CV:水橋かおり、中原麻衣)
CD 05 – 間咲ののか & 早倉舞衣
CD 06
CD 07

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