Pop in Q

Pop in Q (ポッピンQ / Poppin Q, file(N):project PQ) is an Japanese animated dance film directed by Naoki Miyahara, produced by Toei Animation, written by Shūko Arai and starring Asami Seto, Shiori Izawa, Atsumi Tanezaki, Ari Ozawa, and Tomoyo Kurosawa. Released in Japan by Toei on December 23, 2016.  The story begins the day before the graduation ceremony. Five middle school girls each are preoccupied with their real everyday lives. These girls meet each other in a fantasy world after being sent there through a sudden occurrence. There, they learn about the impending crisis that this world is facing. The way to avert this crisis is for the five to collaborate and bring their five hearts together as one through dance.

However, the five cannot come to love the world, and cannot tell their true feelings to one another, so their hearts are unable to unite. The time limit is fast approaching. Can the dance of the five girls save the world? And will they be able to graduate?

[Mar 25, 2015] OP: Teenage Blues /P.IDL (Team I)
[Dec 21, 2016] Insert Song: Questy – Fantasy
[Dec 21, 2016] OP & ED: P.IDL – Teenage Blues (Movie Size) / Sayonara, Arigatou.
[Dec 21, 2016] POP IN Q Original Soundtrack Selection


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