Prince of Stride: Alternative

プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ
The series is about an extreme form of sport known as “Stride.” It involves 6 players on a team that runs relay races in towns. The story takes place at Honan Academy where first year high school students Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai try to recruit members for their “Stride” club. They request Riku Yagami to join with the help of Takeru and Nana. Their goal is to compete and win the “End of Summer,” a top competition hosted in Japan alongside other schools.

Opening Theme: “STRIDER’S HIGH” – OxT (Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck)
Ending Theme: BE MY STEADY – Galaxy Standard (Saisei Gakuen)
[Oct 26, 2016] Character Song CD Vol. 1
[Nov 30, 2016] Character Song CD Vol. 2
[Dec 21, 2016] Character Song CD Vol. 3

Bonus CD:
[Mar 23, 2016] 1 – Character Song CD 01
[Apr 27, 2016] 2 – Character Song CD 02
[May 25, 2016] 3 – Character Song CD 03
[June 24, 2016] 4 – Complete Soundtrack CD 01
[July 27, 2016] 5 – Complete Soundtrack CD 02
[Aug 24, 2016] 6 – Drama CD “なんつったってアイドル!”


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