Powerpuff Girls Z ( 6 CD )

Powerpuff Girls Z (出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, lit. They’re Here! Powerpuff Girls Z), known in some other countries as PPGZ for short, is a Japanese magical girl anime series directed by Megumu Ishiguro, based on the American animated television series The Powerpuff Girls. The anime is co-produced by Cartoon Network Japan and Aniplex and was animated and produced by Toei Animation, featuring character design by Miho Shimogasa (Cutie Honey Flash, Ultra Maniac). As production occurred in Japan, Craig McCracken, the original creator of The Powerpuff Girls, was not directly involved with the project. The 52-episode series aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between July 1, 2006, and June 30, 2007. It also aired on AT-X and on Cartoon Network in Japan.[sociallocker]
[Jul 19, 2006] Yifei – Mayonaka no Door
[Dec 13, 2006] HALCALI – Look
[Feb 14, 2007] Hoi Festa – Jig The Upper
[Mar 14, 2007] wiz-us – Tori Ame
[13 Jun, 2007] Hearts Grow – Himawari
[Jun 27, 2007] The Powerpuff Girls Z OST[/sociallocker]

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