Prince of Tennis Complete Best 〜ENDING TIME〜

Description: Best album of “Prince of Tennis” TV anime series including 2 discs with opening and ending themes. Features Kimeru, HIRO-X, , Masataka Fujishige, Ai Fure etc.
Original Title: テニプリTV Complete Best 〜ENDING TIME〜
Released: October 10, 2012
Catalog No. NECA-30288

Track List:
01. You got game? / Kimeru
02. KEEP YOUR STYLE / 藤重政孝
03. walk on / 藤重政孝
04. WHITE LINE / 青酢
05. 風の旅人 / ふれあい
06. SAKURA / 浜口祐夢
07. Wonderful days / プルタブと缶
08. LITTLE SKY / 福士健太郎
09. future / HIRO-X
10. ENJOY / 網球男児

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