Princess Lover!

Princess Lover! (プリンセスラバー! ) is a Japanese visual novel, and the first title developed by Ricotta. It was first released as an adult game for the PC on June 27, 2008. An anime adaptation produced by the animation studio GoHands also began its broadcast in Japan on July 5, 2009.

Following an automobile accident that claims the life of his parents, Teppei Arima is taken in by his grandfather and introduced to the world of the rich and the elite. Compared to his humble upbringing, Isshin Arima’s lavish lifestyle surprises and stuns the young teenager. In return for the gracious hospitality, Teppei is expected to continue the family business by replacing his grandfather as the head of Arima Financial Combine, and to prepare him for these responsibilities, he is enrolled into an esteemed high school. Along with his recently acquired celebrity status and affluence, Teppei is informed of an arranged marriage with the equally prosperous Sylvia van Hossen, thus, beginning the thrilling escapades of his new life!

[Jul 22, 2009] OP: “Princess Primp!” by Miyuki Hashimoto
[Aug 26, 2009] Ending Theme: “S.S.D” by yozuca*
[Sep 25, 2009] Character Album: Princess Diva
[Nov 11, 2009] Princess Lover! Original Soundtrack

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