Prizmmy☆ -Discography-

Prizmmy☆ is a four member junior idol group signed to avex. They are Kubo Reina, Kusukabe Mia, Takahashi Karin, and Sema Ayami who sing songs for the anime series Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream and Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. The latter series features fictionalized versions of the Prizmmy☆ girls. In 2013 Prizmmy☆ and their seven member sister unit Prism☆Mates formed an 11 member unit named Prism☆Box, which released a single titled “RainBow×RainBow”. On March 31, 2014, Ayami graduated in order to focus on her studies. On April 4, 2014 Hina of Prism☆Mates was announced as the new member of Prizmmy☆.

[2012.03.16] Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy
[2012.04.25] Dear My Future ~Mirai no Juban e~ (未来の自分へ)
[2012.04.25] my Transform
[2012.08.29] Brand New World!
[2012.11.21] Body Rock
[2013.02.20] Panpina!
[2013.05.22] Boys Meet Girls
[2013.07.24] Ez Do Dance
[2013.10.30] Crazy Gonna Crazy
[2014.02.05] Butterfly Effect
[2014.09.14] Jumpin’! Dancin’!
[2015.02.18] I Just Wanna Be with You ~Kaso to Shinjtsu no Hazama de~

[2013.07.24] Take Off
[2014.06.25] Music Goes On

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