It’s just another Sci-Fi/Action with policemen from the next century. You might be thinking that. Also they have these fancy weapons that are probably better than our’s today. The Psycho-Pass is a device installed in everyone’s body. It records your stress and crime levels. if your Crime Coefficient goes above level, you may be a subject of crime and are allowed to get completely destroyed (and i don’t mean any old poisoning/electric chair executing, we mean KABLAM! your chunks of meat now). I can only put it this way without spoiling the anime – Crime. If you know you’re committing a crime, the levels go higher. I’m loving this so far. I love Crime shows and mystery-ish kinda things (Though this mystery is solved halfway). Also the suspense and it has always made me think “What will happen next?” every end of the episode.
Opening Theme:
Season 1:
#1 “abnormalize” by Ling toshite shigure
#2 “Out of Control” by Nothing’s Carved in Stone
Season 2:
“Enigmatic Feeling” by Ling tosite sigure
Ending Theme:
Season 1:
#1 “Namae no nai Kaibutsu” by EGOIST
#2 “All Alone With You” by EGOIST
Season 2:
“Fallen” by EGOIST
Psycho-Pass Movie
Theme Song:
“Who What Who What” by Ling tosite sigure

Bonus CD (1st Season):
CD 2 – Original Soundtrack 1
CD 5 – Original Soundtrack 2
Bonus CD (2nd Season):
1 – Drama CD Vol. 1
2 – Drama CD Vol. 2
PSYCHO PASS Complete Original Soundtrack [Download]

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