Question nowadays for Animusic

1. What Happened? my account was suspended.
2. I can’t download anymore, either in OLD archive or in new website? Yes .
3. So will you re-upload them ? YES, ALL of THEM.
4. When you will upload them? Whenever I want because I also have to do something here on this planet.
5. So you will upload them if you have spare time? Yes, One by one.
6. I treat you some dollars so you can buy a beer or snack and I request you re-upload Anime “A”, Can u Re-upload it A.S.A.P ? Thank you for donation, you are the First, my Lord.
7. Before your adfly a/c suspended, is this happened before, I mean all you download link cannot accessed? Yes, it was about 3-4 years ago.
8. I just curious, how many staff on this website? Only Me as Uploader and my EX-classmate as Web Designer & Technical Support (everything related with design website, you can trust him).
9. By the way (in the bus way) all fund you earn from donation for what you use it ? Pay hosting , server , domain , maintenance , etc.
10. Where are u from Musica_MaGiC ? Indonesia, my friend too.
11. When you run this website for the first time? Since January 23rd, 2011.
12. Recently New Page can’t accessed because it was protected by a password, can u tell me why you do that?
we still make new project for short link so we will let you access it after we finish this project.
13. Nah, about DEAD LiNKS, where i should comment and tell you about that, also If I have any question , where I can contact you ? Go to menu “contact us” or leave comment on this page.

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