RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin

RAINBOW 二舎六房の七人 オリジナル
Rainbow focuses on seven teenagers who are found guilty of committing crimes and are sent to a Disciplinary school/Reformatory. In reality, it was Hellhole for them because they received very harsh treatment by some of the authorities to the point where they got thrashed by a group of hired thugs and received a lot of unnecessary punishment, though not all of the main characters suffered the same exact punishment. The story takes place in 1955, a decade after the end of the Second World War. During that time, Japan in it’s state, still rebuilding its cities after the war and corruption is common. This series was a rush of nonstop emotion all the way throw and never faltered for a second. Everything I said here over a half a year ago holds completely true and I can’t flaunt my glowing recommendation for this series enough. Rainbow is definitely one of the best things Japan has put out in a long time, and not in an ironic “Oh, Japan!” flashy comedy/campy/ridiculous way. It’s a serious story. So serious that the first episode starts off with a disclaimer about explicit content. Think about that for a second. In a medium like anime where there’s blood, tits and who knows that else in so many shows, what are they warning you about? Real stuff, that’s what. Unlike Lucy ripping the head off some moe girl in Elfen Lied, Rainbow is constantly presented as a brutal, depressing series where the violent content is required to present the story in a proper way.

[2010.06.13] coldrain – Nothing Lasts Forever (OP)
[2010.06.23] Galneryus – Resurrection (ED)
[2010.07.23] RAINBOW Nisharokubo no Shichinin OST

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