Ranma ½


Ranma 1/2 (らんま ½) does have somewhat of an ongoing story, although there is no major objective in the series other than Ranma’s constant failed attempts to return his body to normal. Even though Ranma can return to ‘boy-type’ Ranma by taking a warm bath (cold water returns him to ‘girl-type’ Ranma, aka Ranko Tendo for some purposes), he still desires to once again become ‘all man’ by ridding himself of the Jusenkyo curse that was placed on him when he fell into the Spring of Drowned Girl. He feels as though his pride as a man has been dented by being able to turn into girl form, either willingly (for some purposes he does this for his own gain) or unwillingly (for either Happosai’s entertainment or when some mishap occurs). If you’re looking for a comedy series with a lot of laughs, interesting characters, and some memorable moments that you can share with other anime fans, then go for Ranma 1/2. Martial arts fans, you get a lot of that in this show as well, but it’s not taken very seriously, and in fact, sometimes it’s taken to a ridiculous (yet humourous) extent (ie. Martial Arts Tea Ceremony, Martial Arts Gymnastics, Good Ole Days Martial Arts, etc). If you’re looking for boobs or panty shots, well, you’ll get boobs, but they won’t be a big deal (nor should they really unless childish ecchi is your thing). If you’re an ecchi fan, sorry, this won’t do it for you. Are you a rather mature anime fan who likes that classic aged animation, comedy, anything-goes humour, and a wide array of likable characters? If so, then Ranma 1/2 IS for you. (by brass2themax@mal).

Last Modified: May 11, 2016
[1989.07.21] Ranma½ Ongaku Dojo (OST 1)
[1990.01.21] Ranma½ Nettou Ongaku Hen (OST 2)
[1990.04.21] Ranma½ Nettou Uta Gassen
[1990.11.21] Ranma½ Music Calendar 1991
[1991.01.21] Ranma-teki Kagekidan★Utairi Original Karaoke 3
[1991.07.21] DoCo*FIRST
[1991.11.13] Ranma½ Movie 1 OST: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China
[1991.12.21] Ranma½ Kakutou Uta Karuta
[1992.06.03] Ranma½ Saikyou Ongaku Hen
[1992.07.17] Ranma½ Kessen Tougenkyou! Hanayome wo Torimodose!! Music Collection (Movie 2 OST)
[1992.10.21] Ranma½ Ending Theme Song Collection
[1992.10.21] Ranma½ Opening Theme Song Collection
[1992.12.xx] Ranma½ Music Calendar 1993
[1994.xx.xx] Ranma½ CD Singles Memorial File (18 Discs)
[1994.01.10] Ranma½ Music Calendar 1995
[1994.08.25] Ultra Anything-Goes Decisive Battle! Movie and OVA OST
[1994.12.16] DoCo ☆ SECOND
[1999.03.17] Ranma½ TV Theme Songs Complete
[2015.08.19] Theme Song & Character Song Collection Kettei Ban (2 Discs)


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