Rasmus Faber Presents: Platina Jazz ~Anime Standards Vol. 1~


Album Title: Rasmus Faber Presents Platina Jazz ~Anime Standards Vol. 1~
Artist: Rasmus Faber
Catalog Number: VICP-64778
Release Type: Arrangement
Release Date: November 25, 2009

1. Hare Hare Yukai
2. Happy Material
3. Genesis of Aquarion (feat. Emily McEwan)
4. Seikan Hikou
5. Mizu no Akashi
6. Cosmos ni Kimito
7. Carrying You
8. Sora no Mukou
9. Toki no Kioku
10. Thanatos -If I Can’t Be Yours- (feat. Emily McEwan)
11. Main Theme – The Wings of Honneamise
12. Children of the Light (feat. Emily McEwan)
13. Yumeiro No Spoon
14. Fire Treasure
15. Gaanetto
16. Doll
17. Sorae…
18. Voices
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