RDG: Red Data Girl


RDG: Red Data Girl (RDG レッドデータガール)
The story, animation, and style of this are strong, with a firm use of subtext- All work together with solid voice acting to convey very quickly that nothing is as simple as it seems, and there are many mysteries here yet to be unveiled. This appears to primarily be a character drama, so no action thus far. The characters thus far are interesting, though a bit polarized- but it’s only episode 1, so that’s not unusual. It starts out very quickly though to set itself apart from other anime in style, by showing through example that even in japanese anime, mouthy teenage brats can be physically punished- something I don’t think I’ve seen in any other anime except in comedic context.

[Apr 23, 2013] Annabel – Small World Drop
[May 08, 2013] “Yokan” by Masumi Ito
[Jun 05, 2013] RDG Red Data Girl Inspired Album
[July 03, 2013] Red Data Girl Original Soundtrack
[July 26, 2013] Drama CD 「九月の転校生<前編>」
[Aug 30, 2013] Drama CD 「九月の転校生<後編>」
[Sept 27, 2013] Drama CD 「はじめての肝試し<前編>」
[Oct 25, 2013] Drama CD 「はじめての肝試し<後編>」


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