I decide to re-open REQUEST page once again. Read our rule first:

  1. Only Accept for Music which released From 1989 to 2015.
  2. Only one CD for one person.
  3. What I need is catalog Number of that CD
  4. I will do the best for provide it in HQ (320kbps, IF I CAN.)
  5. ONLY ANIME MUSIC. So JPOP, GAME, TV Series (Dorama) will not accepted.
  6. You can ask me to re-upload old file based on our archive: http://archive-amp3.blogspot.com
  7. Other rule I will add it later.
  8. Leave comment here. If you request in other page, I will ignore it.

I really happy if I can provide download link for you 😉


    CORRECTOR YUI Original Soundtrack Folder 1 コレクター・ユイ オリジナル・サウンドトラック Folder 1 Catalog Number POCX-2001 Release Date Jul 14, 1999 BGM: Kenji […]


    D-FRAGMENTS Anime Edition Drama CD ~MADOUSON ONLINE~ ディーふらぐ! アニメ版ドラマCD ~魔導村オンライン~ Catalog Number TRNA-10005 Release Date Mar 26, 2014[sociallocker] Tracklist: 01 […]

  • SAILORMOON Series Memorial Song Box

    The six-disc Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box features most of the anime songs released during the series, with […]


    TVアニメ『THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介』OP「LΛST RESOLUTION」/Emblem of THE UNLIMITED Release Date: January 23, 2013 Catalog No. GNCA-271 Track List: 01. LΛST RESOLUTION […]


      1. Wow…. This is really Amazing. I can’t believe myself that I could hear it with the real 320kbps and the karaoke version too. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank. Thanks a lot. I wish I could donate you. I will click the every ads. Thank You!

  1. Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita. Song & Drama Album ~Nonbiriya no Yukari-san to…~

    Catalogue Number: COCX-39225

  2. Ongaku Senki ~Asobot Senki Goku
    音楽戦記 ~アソボット戦記五九
    Catalog Number AVCA-14570
    I’d be more than happy if i can get the track 23.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Shingetsutan Tsukihime Original Sound Track 1: Moonlit archives [Limited Edition]

    Catalog Number PICA-1293 (alternate printing of PICA-1289)

    Thanks in advance 😀

  4. I know it’s against the rules for requesting more than 1 CD here, but I’m not sure which one I really want to find the most cause I need all of them either way, so I’ll just put all 3 catalog number down here, Please pick and add either 1 of them if it’s possible.

    These are the OP1 and ED1 & 2 needed for the anime: Akachan to Boku (aka Baby & I)

    OP1: B.B.B (Be Bad Boy)
    catalog number: TODT-3789

    ED1: YOU
    catalog number: TOCT-4045

    ED2: Rouge ni Naritai
    catalog number: TADP-1013

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I hope you can also add Flame of Recca OST Vol 2 since you’ve added the first volume.

    Catalog Number PCCG-00443

  6. Hey there.
    Was wondering if you could re-upload “Black Jack – Karte 06 [Yuki no Yobanashi, Koihime] Music Collection” (COCC-13344)?

  7. I’m looking for two Gash Bell CDs:

    Insert Song Single “Hadashi no Ousama” (NECM-12049)
    Complete Singles Collection (NECA-30180)

    There are 37 Gash Bell CD releases and I managed to find nearly all of them, only those two are missing.

    So I want to request the “Hadashi no Ousama” Single and it would be nice if you could reupload the “Complete Singles Collection”: http://anime-music.info/gash-bell-complete-singles-collection/

  8. YICD-70084
    Danball Senki ED2:
    Hiroki Maekawa – Himitsukichi

    Trying to find that and its nonexistent outside of a stupid survey-locked russian site

      1. Those are theme songs for their radio. There were radio theme songs on the site before, so what’s wrong with them now?!

  9. Flame of Recca ED2 please.
    “Zutto Kimi no Soba de” (ずっと君の傍で, lit. “By Your Side Forever”) by Yuki Masuda
    PCDA – 01058

  10. Hi Musica_MaGiC,

    I’m looking for two music (my search didn’t match at all).

    The first one is from F-エフ anime (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F_(manga)). I found the soundtrack list:
    01. F
    02. 邪魔はさせない
    04. You Are my Energy
    05. 抒情詩 -聖のテーマ-
    06. Movin’ Out -軍馬のテーマ-
    07. Country Road
    08. 2月の朝
    09. かくれんぼ
    10. Morning Call
    11. 会いたくて
    12. Runaway
    13. 抒情詩 -聖のテーマ Part2-
    I think it could be one of 07 to 13. Here the video in which is played:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KcsrHQ8cOw&list=PL0cscvaLhyCw_pCqbVyZuyM75_KOqOOy6&index=12 skip to 18:27

    Then something like a requiem from Dash! Yonkuro anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wif6JPV0AM&index=11&list=PLP9aDk7QcmjVz4eMN4ZZDPGWqq0h07I-X start at 1:58

    Many thanks 🙂

    1. 1. I cannot find F (エフ) OST, it available on youtube but only 2 tracks.
      2. I also cannot find Dash! Yonkuro OST, what I have is only theme song, and I uploaded it.

  11. Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori Character Song & Sound Album, i cant find it anywhere. Please upload it

        1. there is no limit actually, but If I delay upload you request so you might be will disappointed.

      1. OMG! you are so kind. Thank you for uploading it. I’m really glad cuz it brings my childhood memories. Thanks 😀

  12. hello, i would like request this music

    sweet velvet – I just feel so “sweet”

    “I just feel so love again” and “flame of love” are anime related songs inside this album.

  13. Could you please upload Hatsukoi Monster Original Soundtrack 1 (KIXA-90672/KIBA-92285) and Hatsukoi Monster Original Soundtrack 1 (KIXA-90675/KIBA-92288)? The link for OST 2 isn’t working anymore…

  14. Hi! Would you have this album:

    Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yattemita. Song & Drama Album ~Itsudemo Genki! Nana-chan to…~

    Catalogue number: COCX-39224

  15. Hello Could you please upload the single of end2 Wao! / Chanto Kotaete! of the anime super doll licca chan is Catalog number is: CODC-1686 very very thanks!

  16. Not a request, but the Older posts button seems to be broken. It always takes me to the Feb 22 and earlier posts. Wasn’t sure where to report that so I put it here.

  17. hello! Musica_MaGiC requiest the CD opening 2 of Super doll licca chan “Ashita no Kimi” performer Sakurai Tomo very thanks!

  18. good day Musica_MaGiC requiest the CD ending 3 of Super doll licca chan “Love Wars Daisakusen” performer Rooky very thanks! catalog number is: CODC-1726

  19. K28G-7286 [BE-BOP-HIGHSCHOOL Ongakushu]
    K28G-7313 [BE-BOP-HIGHSCHOOL Ongakushu VOL. 2 Koukou Yotaro Elegy]

    many thanks.

  20. Do you kindly have Gekitei (Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan) / Yumemite Iyou single originally from Sakura Taisen / Sakura Wars.

    It is the single I am kindly requesting as they contain the karaoke instrumentals as the complex box and OST do not have it.

    For reference the catalog number is AVCA-14025 and the link for reference can be found here – http://vgmdb.net/album/11077

    Thanks in advance.

        1. I still remember I put that download link in comment box, somehow it disappear or probably was deleted (due of DMCA), and I forgot where I got that song. I will add it if I find it later or I still keep it on my folder PC.

  21. New Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.1
    Catalog No. LACA-5293
    New Getter Robo Original Soundtrack Vol.2
    Catalog No. LACA-5321

    Their actual downloads in your site here are wrong, instead they give tracks of:
    Change!! Getter Robo OST 1 – Catalog No. AYCM-630
    Change!! Getter Robo OST 2 – Catalog No. AYCM-643

    Please & Thanks. <3

  22. could you possibly update the downloads for the Danganronpa the Animation bonus CDs? Perhaps in a rar file instead of the kz files they are currently stored as.

      1. Sorry about this post, I just got a little problem with this and kinda need a little help if it’s ok…

        About Akachan to Boku OST
        Catalog Number: TYCY-5516

        I’ve tried downloading the file a few times, although the download completes but somehow when I want to extract it, it keeps giving me the error message saying “this archive is in an unknown format or damage”

        I just need to get the 1st song in the OST cos it’s the OP1 for the anime, and I’m only missing this song now…
        So I’m wondering can admin-san just help me upload the 1st song from the OST to a filehost so that I can download it?

        1. I got same complaint about this issue from other user, please update your winrar program to latest version, i hope it works .

  23. i want that ost in lossless (FLAC) please
    its Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate Original Soundtrack
    thank you

  24. I wish you could upload theme songs of [bottom layer underground Idol “Akaechan”]
    2CDs PCCG-1394 and PCCG-1407

  25. Diabolik Lovers Sadistic Song ALBUM catalog number.
    REC-526 [Jan 25, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.1 “Kekkyoku NIGHT” / Ayato Sakamaki ( CV. Hikaru Midorikawa )
    REC-527 [Feb 08, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.2 “Kaikan DEATH-TRUCTION” / Kanato Sakamaki ( CV. Yuki Kaji )
    REC-528 [Feb 22, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.3 “CHAOS★PARTY” / Laito Sakamaki ( CV. Daisuke Hirakawa )
    REC-529 [Mar 08, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.4 “Iolite” / Shu Sakamaki ( CV. Kosuke Toriumi )
    REC-530 [Mar 15, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.5 “Mr.ButterflyMask” / Reiji Sakamaki ( CV. Katsuyuki Konishi )
    REC-531 [Mar 22, 2017] DIABOLIK LOVERS Sadistic Song Vol.6 “SQueeze…” / Subaru Sakamaki ( CV. Takashi Kondo )

  26. Can I request both the OP and ED for a specific anime?

    Anime Title: Haunted Junction

    OP+ED Single Catalog No: ARDJ-5047

    If the single can’t be found, then use the album also can since it contain both songs in it as well!
    Album Catalog No: ARCJ-75

    Thanks in advance!

  27. Another request if it’s ok…
    Can admin-san add this single?

    Anime Title: Hana yori Dango

    ED2: Todoku Kana (届くかな) by CaYOCO
    Catalog No: AYDM-134

    Thanks in advance once again! 😀

  28. Emmm…is it possible to add this album?
    Cuz wanna get the 3 new character songs that’s included in this album somehow.

    Vanguard Best Album 3 “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” Theme Song Collection 1
    Catalog no: BRMM-10057

    Thanks in advance as always!

      1. Awww….., so this is one of the rare albums that’s hard to find?
        If that’s the case then it can’t be help, I guess~

        Hope that the album can be found and will be available sometime in the near future!

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