Rec ( レック) is a Japanese manga about an aspiring voice actress by Q-Tarō Hanamizawa. A nine-episode anime adaptation by Shaft aired between February and March 2006. Its a very plain anime where a girl aspiring to become a voice actress comes to live with a guy working in a confectionery company. Both start to get used to each other understand each other, and also have little fights.

In all they are unable to understand their own feelings. When Aka rises in her positions her schedule becomes busy and doesn’t spend much time at home and the guy snaps one time. But later when they meet unexpected in a bar, both with their respective office mates, they come to understand each others difficulties in work lives. She waits for him outside the bar for him. Both of them hug and finally the guy confesses to her and both of them go to their home. (then? )

[Feb 10, 2006] OP: Cheer~makka na kimochi / Kanao Sekai
[Mar 24, 2006] TV Animation REC Character Song Aka Onda (Kanako Sakai)
[Apr 21, 2006] ED: BRACE;d / Devotion
[Apr 21, 2006] REC – Drama CD Vol.1 + Soundtrack
[May 25, 2006] REC – Drama CD Vol.2 + Soundtrack

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