Rin’ – Inland Sea

Inland Sea is the first US album released by Rin’. The album was later released in Japan in two editions, a regular US alike version and a Special Edition. The Special edition includes a Bonus CD, featuring songs from previous albums and new songs, and a DVD including extra footage. The song “Niji Musubi”, a special bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album, was used as ending theme song for the anime Samurai 7 (NHK TV Version).
Released  2007.03.21
Catalog Number  AVCD-23250/1/B

Special Edition CD Tracklist
01 Sanzen Sekai (三千世界)
02 Jikuu (時空)
03 Asuka (飛鳥)
04 Sakitama ~Sachi Tamashii~ (Sakitama~幸魂~)
05 Akatsuki no Kei (暁の契)
06 Niji Musubi (虹結び)
07 Bibou no Kuni (美貌の国)
08 Doushin (道心)
09 Tenka (天華)
10 Hanafubuki (花吹雪)
11 Nokoru Hana (残花)

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