Romeo no Aoi Sora

Romeo’s Blue Skies (ロミオの青い空 Romeo no Aoi Sora) is a Japanese anime series by Nippon Animation. Although “Romeo’s Blue Skies” is the literal translation of the Japanese title, the official English name given by Nippon Animation is “Romeo and the Black Brothers”. It is known in the Philippines as “Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo” (literally “Romeo’s Simple Dreams”). It is based on the novel Die schwarzen Brüder (“The Black Brothers”) written in 1941 in Switzerland by author Lisa Tetzner.

Romeo and the Black Brothers, Sekai Meisaku Gekijou, ロミオの青い空 :
Like most of these types of anime, Romeo no Aoi Sora begins with a tragedy. In this case, Romeo, an 11-year-old boy, leaves his small village with the God of Death, a frightful man who buys children to sell as chimney sweeps in the city, in order to support his family. Soon, Romeo meets Alfredo, another chimney sweep who will become his best friend, as well as many other boys who share the same fate as him. As the series goes on, Romeo adjusts to his new life, including a family that is not quite kind and a dangerous job. Romeo no Aoi Sora is frequently overlooked for shows that look better, sound more exciting, seem more mature, or are simply newer. The few fans that do decide the try out this series, however, will be rewarded with an amazing show. No matter how you look at it, the series is marvelous in every way. If you already like adaptations of books for a young audience, older series, or obscure series, Romeo no Aoi Sora is perfect for you.

[Feb 25, 1995] OP & ED: Sora e… / Si Si Ciao ~Romana no Oka de~
[Jul 10, 1995] Romeo no Aoi Sora (Drama & Song Book) VOL.1
[Sep 25, 1995] Romeo no Aoi Sora Original Soundtrack Vol. 2
[Dec 21, 1995] OP: “Sora e…” – Hiroko Kasahara
[Dec 21, 1995] OST 3 – Memorial Stories Selection
[Dec 21, 1996] Romeo no Aoi Sora Memorial Song Piano Collection
[Aug 24, 2005] Sekai Meisaku Gekijo Memorial Ongakukan


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