Romeo x Juliet


Romeo x Juliet / ロミオ × ジュリエット
Firstly, I’m very impressed by the various climax and exciting moments in this series. The first 10 episodes or so will keep you on your toes while tugging your emotions along with the sweet and tragic moments of our main characters. Following episodes then mellow down, and just when I thought it’s gonna get boring here forth the story picks up again and you just have to keep watching. ie. damn high priority. However, you may find yourself with a big “huh?!” at the last few eps.

Yes there’s where the Fantasy kicks in although if you have watched enough anime, you’ll know that this is a typical storyline and thus befitting for this series as well. In general, the story was well remade for an anime indeed. Despite it being a great anime, I’ve gotta admit the presence of my fan-girling moments during the exceptionally sweet and touching moments which were strewed here and there. So fellow babes, watch this to ignite the shoujo heart in you!

[Jun 13, 2007] ED1: 12012 – Cyclone
[Jun 20, 2007] OP: LENA PARK – inori / You Raise Me Up
[July 25, 2007] ED2: Mizrock – Good bye, yesterday
[Feb 27, 2008] Romeo x Juliet Original Soundtrack


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