Rumi Okubo – Te wo Gyu Shite ne

TV Anime “Acchi Kocchi” Ending Theme
Te wo Gyu Shite ne / Tsumiki Miniwa (CV: Rumi Okubo)
手をギュしてね / 御庭つみき(CV:大久保瑠美)
Catalog Number PCCG-70135
Release Date Apr 18, 2012[sociallocker]
01 Te wo Gyu Shite ne 4:14
02 Tsunneko no Waltz 1:43
03 Te wo Gyu Shite ne (Instrumental) 4:15
04 Tsunneko no Waltz (Instrumental) 1:44
File Size: 35 MB (320kbps)[/sociallocker]

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