Sabagebu! Character Song vol.4

Sabagebu! Character Song vol.4 / Maya Kyodo (CV: Lynn)
TVアニメ「さばげぶっ!」キャラクターソングvol.4 / 経堂麻耶 (CV:Lynn)
Catalog Number LACM-14284
Release Date Oct 22, 2014

01 Glamorous Survival
03 Glamorous Survival (Off Vocal)
04 PEACEMAKER! (Off Vocal)
05 TV Anime “Sabagebu!” Short Drama Series Maya Hen
06 TV Anime “Sabagebu!” Short Drama Series Sabagenger Hen #04

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10 thoughts on “Sabagebu! Character Song vol.4

  1. If you want, can even post the others 3 discs, because in internet only the two normals tracks have been uploaded, but the instrumentals and drama not

    I think that in 2017 I buy the other cd, the Character Song 5, but this is already upload in a compilation torrent, and don’t have the scans and only is in 320kbps

    And about this cd… I buy it in Amazon (With the helping of Hakkin, a mod of Doujin Style) but the obi are missed, and in Suruga (the page I buy the others 3) no’re available

    1. Thank you so much , Now my collections were completed.
      Volume #1 ~ #5 now in full tracklist (320kbps)
      Despite volume #5 hasn’t scan BK, I dont mind as long as it’s audio in HQ.

  2. I thought I would buy the iTunes version with 2 songs xD but I decided more to have the complete album collection
    Other disc who’re missed in internet, is the third opening of Teekyuu (the best opening of this anime in my personal opinion), in these days I could upload this

    1. do u mean “”Nufutto Teekyuu Potlatch (ぬふっとてーきゅうポトラッチ)” by Naive” ?
      I think I have it.

      or , “Nihongo Wakarimasen (ニホンゴワカリマセン)” by Tomalin (Yui Ogura) ?

  3. I have the album in equal quality, I buy it because I don’t find it xD
    My Teekyuu collection is already complete, if you want I can pass the lasts albums in private, but the guy pass me only the 320k files, without the scans

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