Saigo no Yasashisa / Hana Hiraku Toki

“Saigo no Yasashisa / Hana Hiraku Toki (最後のやさしさ / 花開く時) ” is Miyawaki Shion’s first single after her re-debut under Avex, and her third physical single overall. It was released only in a CD+DVD edition. The full single was released digitally on sites like iTunes and mu-mo about a month before the single’s physical release. “Saigo no Yasashisa” was used as a CM song for Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park in Japan, and the PV for the song was filmed in Huis Ten Bosch as well. “Hana Hiraku Toki” was used as the ending theme for the anime “Brave Beats.”
Released: Dec 02, 2015
Catalogue No.  AVCD-83366

1. Saigo no Yasashisa (最後のやさしさ)
2. Hana Hiraku Toki (花開く時)
3. Saigo no Yasashisa (instrumental)
4. Hana Hiraku Toki (instrumental)
File Size: 36 MB (m4a)

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