Saint October

Saint October (セイントオクトーバー ) is a Japanese anime television series created by Konami Digital Entertainment and animated by Studio Comet. It was also adapted into a manga series by Kiira, which was serialized in the Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Blade published by Mag Garden in August 2006. The anime series premiered on Chiba TV on January 4, 2007 in Japan. The series revolves around three young girls who work for a detective agency who one day receive magical powers from a mysterious boy. The series’ portrayal of magic makes extensive use of tarot symbolism.

[Mar. 21, 2007] Wheel of fortune / Goth-Loli Shoujo Tanteidan
[Mar. 21, 2007] Michi Naru Basho e / Yukari Fukui
[Apr. 25, 2007] Character Mini Album Kuro-Loli Kotono Hayama (Azusa Kataoka)
[May 09, 2007] Character Mini Album Shiro-Loli Natsuki Shirafuji (Yukari Fukui)
[May 30, 2007] Character Mini Album Aka-Loli Misaki Hijiri (Yu Kobayashi)
[May 30, 2007] Sora no Kotoba / Yu Kobayashi
[Jun. 06, 2007] Character Best Album 1 LOVE LOVE ☆ COCKTAIL
[Jun. 27, 2007] Saint October ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
[Aug. 29, 2007] Character Best Album 2 PENDANT OF TEARS

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