Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya was one of the very first anime series I watched as a young kid. Being that I might’ve had a bias towards this anime, I decided to watch it again not very long ago. While I admit this series is not as good as I remembered it, I believe it is still worth watching. Saint Seiya is a shounen that features several elements of mythology (mostly Greek mythology) and astronomy (constellations). The main characters, the Bronze Saints (knights), are responsible to protect goddess Athena and the humanity against the evil gods. The fights are generally interesting, specially because the majority of the characters have a badass aura around them. On the other hand, they are more static than in other anime of the same genre, mainly because of the few techniques used by the Saints/knights.

Saint Seiya / 聖闘士星矢 / Zodiac Knights
Opening Theme
#1: “Pegasus Fantasy” by MAKE-UP
#2: “Soldier Dream” by Hironobu Kageyama & Broadway
Ending Theme
#1: “Blue Forever” by MAKE-UP
#2: “Dream Traveler” by Hironobu Kageyama & Broadway
Saint Seiya Original Soundtrack:
1. Saint Seiya Ongakushu
2. Saint Seiya Ongakushu II
3. Saint Seiya Ongakushu III
4. Saint Seiya OST IV ~Heated Battle of the Gods~
5. Saint Seiya OST V ~Legend of Crimson Boy~
6. Saint Seiya OST VI ■Golden Ring Hen■
7. Saint Seiya OST VII ■Poseidon Hen■
8. Saint Seiya OST VIII Warriors of the last Holy War
Saint Seiya Eternal CD Box

Saint Seiya OVA:
Opening Theme OVA:
1. “Chikyuugi” Yumi Matsuzawa
2. “Megami no Senshi ~Pegasus Forever~” by Marina del Ray
Ending Theme OVA:
1. “Kimi To Onaji Aozora” by Yumi Matsuzawa
2. “Takusu mono he -My Dear-” by Matsuzawa Yumi
3. “Kami no En ~ Del Regno” by Yuuko Ishibashi

聖闘士星矢Ω (Saint Seiya Omega)
Opening Theme:
1. “Pegasus Fantasy ~Omega version~” by Make-up feat Nakagawa Shoko
2. “Shinsei Omega Shinwa (Next Generation)” by √5
3. “Saint Evolution – Mirai Seitoshi Omega” by Nagareda Project
4. Senkou Strings – Cyntia
Saint Seiya Select Best || SAINT SEIYA SONG BEST || Saint Seiya Ω Song Collection
Original Soundtrack 1 / Original Soundtrack 2 /Original Soundtrack 3
Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary OST

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