Despite my curiosity, the idea of a 25 episode anime revolving around a table game doesn’t sound all that exciting. Most likely that is going to be the reaction of quite a few people who just give Saki a casual glance. However they would be wrong. Saki manages to take something that doesn’t have any real action or makes for an interesting spectator sport and injects energy and excitement into it. While it’s decidedly over the top and completely implausible, it nonetheless works brilliantly.

The basic premise of the story revolves around Saki Miyanaga, a high school freshman who finds herself participating in the schools Mahjong club even though she hates the game. Though she is a very skillful player, bad memories of playing with her family has left a bad taste for the game with her. However she finds playing with people other than her family to be fun and her love of the game begins to be rekindled. Soon Saki and her new friends set their sights on making the national Mahjong tournament, and it’s this goal which dominates the plot.

Saki / 咲
[Nov 23, 2009] Saki Vocal Album 2 “THE Yume no Hit Square Character songs Kiyosumi Taikyoku-hen
[Oct 07, 2009] Saki Original Soundtrack
[Aug 05, 2009] bloooomin’ / Little Non
[July 29, 2009] Saki Vocal Album “THE Yume no Hit Square Character songs Taikyoku-hen
[July 22, 2009] Shikakui Uchuu de Matteru yo
[May 27, 2009] Netsuretsu Kangei Wonderland
[Apr 22, 2009] Glossy:MMM / Miyuki Hashimoto

Saki Achiga Hen episode of side-A/ 咲-Saki-阿知賀編 episode of side-A
Opening Theme:
2. Tsubasa – StylipS
Ending Theme:
1. Square Panic Serenade
2. Futuristic Player
Character Song:
1. Shizuno Takakamo (CV: Aoi Yuuki)
2. Ako Atarashi (CV: Nao Higashiyama)
3. Kuro Matsumi (CV: Kana Hanazawa)
4. Yu Matsumi (CV: Mako)
5. Arata Sagimori (CV: Yumi Uchiyama)
6. Toki Onjoji (CV.Yui Oguta)
7. Ryuka Shimizudani (CV.Kaori Ishihara)
[Mar 27, 2013] Saki Achiga-hen Character Song Best Album “THE Yume no Hit Square Achiga-hen
Bonus CD:
CD 1 – Character Song CD 1
CD 2 – Character Song CD 3
Drama CD: CD 3 | CD 4 | CD 5 | CD 6
CD 7 , CD 8, CD 9: Special DVD
CD 10 – Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A Unreleased Sound Track Album
[July 25, 2012] Saki Achiga Hen episode of side-A Original Soundtrack

Saki: Nationals, 咲-Saki-全国編
Opening Theme: “New SPARKS!” by Miyuki Hashimoto
Ending Theme
Eps 01: “New SPARKS” by Miyuki Hashimoto
Eps 02: “TRUE GATE” by Miyuki Hashimoto
Eps 03: “Kono Te ga Kiseki wo Eranderu Miyamori Joshi Koukou ver.
Eps 04: “Kono Te ga Kiseki wo Eranderu Eisui Joshi Koukou ver.
Eps 05: “Kono Te ga Kiseki wo Eranderu Himematsu Koukou ver.
Eps 06: “Kono Te ga Kiseki wo Eranderu Eisui Joshi Koukou ver.
[Mar 26, 2014] Saki Zenkoku-hen Original Soundtrack
[June 04, 2014] Miyuki Hoshimoto – Saki Best Album -Anthology-

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