Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick (桜Trick) is a Japanese 4-panel yuri manga series written and illustrated by Tachi. A television anime  adaptation by Studio Deen aired in Japan between January and March 2014. The story revolves around Haruka and Yuu, two girls who go to a high school that is slated to be shut down in three years. To share something special between them, they share a kiss, and their relationship deepens from that moment onward.

[Aug 16, 2014] Sakura Trick Original Soundtrack more
[May 21, 2014] Sakura Track Audio Drama CD -Haruka- (Bonus CD Vol. 3)
[Apr 09, 2014] Sakura Trick SAKURA♪SONG ALBUM SAKURA*SAKU
[Mar 19, 2014] Sakura Trick Original Soundtrack
[Feb 26, 2014] Sakura Trick SAKURA♪SONG♪ 01 ,02, 03
[Jan 29, 2104] Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!/Kiss(and)Love / SAKURA*TRICK

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  1. If I find the album “Sakura Trick Original Soundtrack more”, I will post the link here, if I do not find it, I will not have more than another to buy it, although it is somewhat expensive xD
    I find it in suruga-ya in 1880円, also in a yellow box mark 950円

    1. I find the album in a page called “”, and is placed into a download served called “filejoker”, this download server limited the download speed, but I try to download the first part

  2. Already download the album, and is true!
    In this moment I upload the album to, if you want u can download the torrent and upload to any server who you want

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