Sakurada Reset


Sakurada Reset (サクラダリセット) is a Japanese light novel series written by Yutaka Kōno and illustrated by You Shiina. Set in a town called Sakurada, where almost half the population possess some form of special powers. The story centers on two high school students. Kei Asai has the ability to perfectly remember anything he sees and hears, while Misora Haruki can turn back or “reset” time for a maximum of three days. Both students are members of their school’s “Service Club,” which their town’s administration bureau uses to observe people with powers and protect the peace. By using their powers together (Kei can remember things even when time has been reset), they solve cases for the club. Kei learns of the “MacGuffin” stone, which looks like a worthless black stone, but in reality will turn out to be the stone upon which the existence of Sakurada will hinge on.

[Jun 07, 2017] Opening Theme : “Reset” by Yui Makino
[Jun 14, 2017] Ending Theme: “Tonari Au” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES
[Jul 26, 2017] Sagrada Reset Drama CD 1
[Sep 13, 2017] OP2: WEAVER – Dakara Boku wa Boku wo Tebanasu
[Sept 27, 2017] Sagrada Reset Drama CD 2
[Nov 29, 2017] Sagrada Reset Drama CD 3
[Jan 24, 2018] Sagrada Reset Drama CD 4

Last Modified: Mar 21, 2018


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