SCANDAL – Shoujo S

“Shoujo S” is the third major single (sixth overall) released by SCANDAL. The title track was used as the tenth opening theme song for the anime BLEACH, as well as the opening song for the Nintendo DS game Bleach DS 4th: Flame Bringer. The single was released in three versions: two limited editions and a regular edition, all with different tracklists. Limited edition A came with a BLEACH notebook while limited edition B came with a fold-out poster of SCANDAL on one side and BLEACH on the reverse. Both limited versions came with a BLEACH sticker. The single reached #6 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for thirteen weeks.
Released: 2009.06.17 // Catalog Number: ESCL-3216

Tracklist (all type):
1 Shoujo S (少女S)
2 Natsu Neiro (ナツネイロ)
4 Shoujo S (Instrumental)
File Size: 39 MB (320kbps)
TF / UC .

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