SD Gundam Force (8 CD)


Superior Defender Gundam Force, or SD Gundam Force (SDガンダムフォース), is a 2004 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise. The series was released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Gundam media franchise, and was the first Gundam series to be entirely animated in cel-shaded 3D computer graphics (3DCG), and the first full-3DCG series to be broadcast on Japanese television.
The story is set in the futuristic city of Neotopia, a happy peaceful place where humans and robots co-exist, until the Dark Axis, an evil force from another dimension, arrives.
Aware of the Dark Axis in advance, Neotopia established the secret Super Dimensional Guard to combat the invaders while keeping the conflict a secret from the public. A young boy named Shute becomes involved accidentally in the first battle between the Dark Axis and the SDG’s Gundam Force robot hero, Captain Gundam. Shute’s friendship with the Captain is critical to activating Captain’s Soul Drive, the mysterious power source that is the key to victory. As the fighting continues, Gundams from other dimensions such as Zero and Bakunetsumaru, arrive to join the battle as allies. As the Gundam Force beats back the mono-eyed invaders the battle spreads beyond Neotopia into the dimensions of Lacroa and Ark, leading into a final confrontation with the supreme leader of the Dark Axis – General Zeong.
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[Feb 11, 2004] PUFFY – SUNRISE
[Feb 11, 2004] Whiteberry – Shijiru Chikara
[Apr 14, 2004] little by little – LOVE & PEACE
[May 26, 2004] Nobodyknows+ – Dancing Heart
[Jul 28, 2004] Harebare – Taiyou ni Kogarete
[Aug 18, 2004] I WiSH – Kimi to Boku
[Nov 03, 2004] Les.R – Koishikute
[Dec 01, 2004] SD Gundam Force OST+


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