See-Saw – Anna ni Issho Dattanoni ~ReTracks~


Description: Tenth anniversary CD of anime series “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Remaster” features HD remastering” First one includes an ending theme “Anna ni Issho Dattanoni” and an insert song.
Original Title: あんなに一緒だったのに 〜ReTracks by See-Saw & ラクス・クライン(CV. 田中理恵)
Released: February 22, 2012
Catalog No. VTCL-35126

Track List:
01 Anna ni Isho Datta no ni ~Re Tracks by See-Saw
02 Shizuka na Yoru ni ~Retracks by Rie Tanaka
03 Anna ni Isho Datta no ni ~Re Tracks (Original Karaoke)
04 Shizuka na Yoru ni ~Retracks (Original Karaoke)

Format/Quality Scan BK File Size Last Modified File Hosting
MP3/320kbps Yes 52 MB 23 Aug 2017 Mirrorcreator

Last Modified: Aug 23, 2017


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