Seikon no Qwaser

The Qwaser of Stigmata / 聖痕のクェイサー
Basically, there’s a Russian transfer student called ‘Aleksander Nikolaevich Hell’ but to the ones who have touched his heart, he goes by the name ‘Sasha’. He’s a qwaser that controls the element ‘Iron’ and can manipulate it’s shape to what he wishes. Qwasers need their source power to obviously, power them up, and that is ‘Soma’ in other words, ‘breast milk’, it’s unbelievable how many boobs he’s sucked on and he’s only 13. He meets two girls called ‘Mafuyu Oribe’ and ‘Tomo Yamanobe’ who are childhood friends, well actually, Mafuyu was kinda adopted into Tomo’s family to protect Tomo so it kinda makes them sisters. Tomo is basically a target to other qwasers, thus, Sasha and Mafuyu have to do whatever it takes to protect her, but you’ll have to watch it to see why. When i watched the first episode, i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many boobs in the first 10 minutes let alone the whole episode and obviously i was pretty biased about it from the reviews but i’m pretty sure that most people would fine some scenes quite cringing. For instance, there’s some unnecessary jigglin’ with the boobs like when someone tilts their head, why would their boobs jiggle?! but despite that, i actually dropped this anime but i only recently picked it up. I’m kinda glad cos the story DOES get a whole lot better and you kinda get used to the overly extreme ecchi scenes.

Opening Theme: Season 1
1.”Errand” by Faylan
2.”Baptize” by Yousei Teikoku
Opening Theme: Season 2
Rasen, Arui wa Seinaru Yokubou” by Faylan
Ending Theme: Season 1
1.”Passionate Squall” by Ayumi Fujimura
2.”Wishes Hypocrites” by Ayumi Fujimura
Ending Theme: Season 2
metaphor” by Shoujo Byou
[09/06/2010] Seikon no Qwaser Original Soundtrack
[27/07/2011] Seikon no Qwaser II Original Soundtrack
Character Song Mini Album ~Koi no Qwaser Magic~

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