Sengoku Collection

Sengoku Collection (戦国コレクション) is a mobile social networking game created by Konami, which was launched for the Mobage service in December 2010. The series features female representations of feudal lords from the Sengoku period. An anime television series produced by Brain’s Base based on the game aired on TV Tokyo between April 5, 2012 and September 27, 2012. The series progresses with a very comprehensible pace. Characters are introduced in a logical way. By that, I mean, names didn’t just go popping out almost everywhere. Aside from that, there was an adequate allotment of time to slowly develop the personality of the protagonists. I especially liked how they showed the characters’ persona subliminally. I mean, their qualities are expressed through how they act and not by conspicuously having the characters say “tsundere”, “loli” or anything similar. The story progresses slowly but smoothly. Even better, there weren’t minute-long fillers or plainly said, minutes of scenarios that are not at all necessary for the development of the story. However, it hasn’t shown anything intriguing yet. And so far, all I’ve been seeing is moe, yeah, moe.

Opening Theme:
#1 “Me wo Tojite Gyuttoshiyo” by ABCHO
#2 “back into my world” by Sweety
Ending Theme:
#1 “UNLUCKY Girl!!” by Sweety
#2: “Darling to Madonna” by Yukako Yoshikawa
Insert song:
“Love Scope” by Kana Hanazawa [in Character song Vol.1]
“Misty Moon” by Yuka Terasaki [in Sengoku Best Collection]
Character song:
Vol.1 – Koakuma O Oda Nubunaga & Taihei Nyokun Tokugawa Ieyasu
Vol.2 – Jyunai Tenshi Naoe Kanetsugu & Sei Otome Uesugi Kenshin & Dokugaryu Hime Date Masamune
Vol.3 – Zanshin Bokuden Tsukahara & Shikigami Gennai Hiraga
Vol.4 – Furyuujin Basho Matsuo & Taikoh Hime Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Vol.5 – Yashin Hime Soun Houjyo & Gensui Hime Yoshimoto Imagawa
Bonus CD: Radio CD #1 ~ #6 (not interested)
[Jun 27, 2012] Original Sountrack: Sengoku SOUND Collection
[Oct 10, 2012] Sengoku Best Collection (character song)

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