Servamp (SERVAMP -サーヴァンプ-) is a Japanese manga series by Strike Tanaka, serialized in Media Factory’s shōjo manga magazine Monthly Comic Gene since 2011. A television anime adaptation has been announced and will begin airing in July 2016. The story revolves around a 16-year-old boy (15 at the beginning of the story) named Mahiru Shirota who likes simple things and dislikes difficult things. One day, he picks up a stray black cat he finds in the middle of the road and gives it the name Kuro (which literally translates into “black”). From this moment on, a contract between the servamp Sleepy Ash and Mahiru is formed, and Mahiru is pulled into the Servamp war between the seven deadly Servamps and their eighth sibling Tsubaki.

[July 27, 2016] OP: “Deal with” by OLDCODEX
[Aug 17, 2016] ED: “sunlight avenue” by Takuma Terashima
[Oct 12, 2016] SERVAMP Character Song Mini Album
[Oct 19, 2016] SERVAMP Original Soundtrack
[Feb 22, 2017] Solo Character Song Mini Album Vol.1
[Mar 22, 2017] Solo Character Song Mini Album Vol.2


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