Shiba Inuko-san

Shiba Inuko-san / しばいぬ子さん
There really is no story. Do anime like this ever have story? No, not really. However, the characters are enjoyable, and tend to make me giggle every episode. Of course, with the short length, you don’t get much, but this anime will bring a smile, however slight, to your face. And that’s all a show needs for me, really, is enjoyable characters. The art is nice. Nothing less from a 4-koma adaptation, really. And as for sound, there isn’t much during the show itself. The voice actors all do well. The OPs are enjoyable, and the first one will forever be burnt into my brain. If you’re looking for something to watch with a couple spare minutes, then watch this. I guarantee you will smile at least once.

Relase Date: May 20, 2012
01. CD紹介
02. しばいぬ子さんのうた (OP)
03. ボーナストラック
04. よろしくぅ~ん
05. しばいぬ子さんのうた・カラオケバージョン
File Size: 60 MB (320kbps)

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